M667 – Worm milling machine

All modules units are built on a solid base of cast iron and mounted on a 10 ° inclined to the rear machine base.

Headstock and tailstock are mounted on the same slider base.

The longitudinal and plunge slides are driven by precision ball screws.

The workpiece spindle can be equipped with W20 collets, with a mandrel retraction system or customized clamping systems.

Collets and mandrel retraction system are actuated pneumatically.

The CNC-tailstock clamping pressure can reach up to 350 N, torque controlled. Below 50 N, the clamping pressure is generated by spring load.

The swivel angle on the milling spindle is manually adjustable within a range of ± 35 ° and is displayed on-screen.

The spindle drive is over a precision worm gear.

CNC control

  • FANUC 0i-MD
  • 4 axes, optional up to 8 axes
  • Dialog programming
  • Swiveling touch screen with user panel

Technical features

  • Structure out of solid cast iron- and steel, in vibration absorbing execution
  • Improved outlet for chips and coolant
  • Swivel angle hob head: gear hobbing ± 35°
  • Plunge travel up to 80 mm
  • Clamping systems: center – center, collet W20, retractable arbor, guide bush
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Revolving tailstock (axial)

Workpiece data

  • Module, depending on the material, max. 1.75 mm
  • Workpiece diameter 0.3 – 30 mm / High-Speed version 45 mm
  • Worm length up to 200 mm
  • Milling length up to. 200 mm

Tool data

  • Worm milling: diameter 70-100 mm / High-Speed version 40 mm
  • Tool holder Ø 22 / High-Speed version 10 mm

Workpiece spindle

  • Ratio i = 1:14.667
  • Speed up to 200 rpm

Milling spindle

  • Diameter 50 mm / High-Speed version 28 mm
  • Speed up to 6000 rpm / High-Speed version 15’000 rpm
  • Power 2.2 kW / High-Speed version 1.0 kW
  • Torque 2.4Nm