M305 – Profile rolling/burnishing machine

The M305 is a 3 axes profile rolling and burnishing machine built for horizontal workpiece machining. The machine is equipped with one servomotor driven tool slider and two direct-driven (by servomotor) spindles. The rolling pressure is infinitely adjustable up to max. 50 kN.

  • The machine is designed for rolling of ISO-, special- and trapezoidal threads as well as knurling, worm gears, splines, and burnishing of profiles in the plunge or trough-feed mode.
    • Workpiece diameter 2 – 48 mm
    • Pitch massive cold forming 0.35 – 1.5 mm/lead
    • Pitch burnishing up to module 2.5
    • Pitch for knurls and splines 0.25 – 0.8 mm
    • Profile length plunge mode up to 90 mm
    • Profile length in trough-feed mode unlimited


Contact person

Nico Meyer
+41 32 356 03 88