MZ130 – Gear hobbing/worm milling machine

The MZ130 is a gear hobbing and worm milling machine for the production of gears and worm gears, straight-toothed bevel wheels, worms and threads. It is suitable for large and small series.

  • The machine is mounted on a solid cast iron base, inclined to the front side by 15°.The longitudinal-, the shift- and the plunge axis are driven by a ball screw.The work piece spindle can be equipped with W25 collets, retractable arbors or customer specific work holding.The CNC-tailstock clamping pressure can reach up to 3000 N, torque controlled. Below 500 N, the clamping pressure is generated by spring load.The CNC-shift axis is integrated in the hob head and has a travel distance of 60 mm. The Hobbing- and milling spindle is equipped with ball bearings. Tool holders are fit to a cylindrical bore. The swivel angle on the hobbing- and milling spindle is programmable. The range go’s from +45° to 0° to -127°.

    The spindle drive is a motor spindle.


    • Synchronous axis drive of tailstock spindle (hobbing), dismountable
    • Work piece positioning by dynamic pressure sensor
    • Customer specific loading- and unloading systems


    • Fanuc 30i-A
    • 6 servo axis, optional up to 8 axes
    • Dialog programming
    • Swiveling touch screen with user panel

    Technical features

    • Structure out of solid cast iron- and steel, in vibration absorbing execution
    • Improved outlet for chips and coolant
    • Axis distance between work piece and hob up to 80 mm
    • Swivel angle hob head: gear hobbing ± 45 °, worm milling + 45° / – 37 °
    • Hob shift 60 mm
    • Clamping systems: center – center, collet W25, retractable arbor, guide bush
    • Hydraulic deburring unit
    • Automatic central lubrication
    • Revolving tailstock (axial)

    Workpiece data

    • Module, depending on the material, max. 1.5 mm
    • Workpiece diameter 2 – 55 mm
    • Workpiece length up to 330 mm
    • Hobbing length up to 200 mm

    Tool data

    • Gear hobbing: diameter 16 – 40 mm, length up to 65 mm
    • Worm milling: diameter 53 – 100 mm

    Workpiece spindle

    • Motor spindle
    • Speed up to 1500 rpm

    Hobbing- and milling spindle

    • Diameter 50 mm
    • Speed up to 5’000 rpm (8’000 rpm)
    • Power 1.5 kW
    • Torque 4.7 Nm


Contact person

Nico Meyer
+41 32 356 03 88