500 D-Drive – Gear hobbing machine

The machine is mounted on a solid cast iron base. Headstock and tailstock guideways are mounted on the same level. The synchronized work spindles on the headstock and tailstock are identical. The double drive system allows driving the work piece with less tailstock pressure. This is minimizing the distortion of the machine. Other advantages are the precise concentricity of the work holding as well as the very good rotary drive performance on work pieces which are difficult to clamp.

The longitudinal-, the shift- and plunge axis are high dynamic linear drives. Its performance has a positive impact on the cycle time and the reduction of the auxiliary time.

The synchronized spindles can be equipped with adapters, W12 collets, retractable arbors, or customer specific work holding. Existing work holding from Wahli-machines can be used. The collet and the retractable arbor are pneumatic controlled.

The CNC-tailstock clamping pressure can reach up to 500 N, torque controlled. Below 150 N, the clamping pressure is generated by spring load.

The CNC-shift axis is integrated in the hob head and has a travel distance of 30 mm. The high performance synchronized hobbing spindle run up to 12’00 rpm. Bore type- and shaft type hobs with a diameter up to 32 mm can be mounted. The swivel angle on the hob is manually adjustable within a range of ± 10 °.

The integrated safety features of the CNC-control allow the drives to remain switched on, whilst the operator door is open.


  • Rexroth IndraMotion MTX with integrated safety features
  • 7 servo axis (3 linear motors, 3 synchronized spindles and one servo motor)
  • Modern industrial PC running on Microsoft Windows 7
  • Dialog programming
  • Swiveling touch screen with user panel

Technical features

  • Structure out of solid cast iron- and steel, in vibration absorbing execution
  • Improved outlet for chips and coolant
  • Axis distance between work piece and hob up to 30 mm
  • Swivel angle hob head ± 10 °, manual
  • Hob shift 30 mm
  • Clamping systems: center – center, collet W12, retractable arbor
  • Pneumatic deburring unit
  • Wahli loader: W20, W25, W31 (Optional)
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Coolant aggregate: pump 20 l/min, 1 bar, tank volume 50 l, chip tray with filter bag

Workpiece data

  • Modul, depending on the material, max. 0.8 mm
  • Workpiece diameter 0.3 – 30 mm
  • Workpiece length up to 60 mm
  • Hobbing length up to 60 mm

Hob data

  • Hob diameter 6 – 32 mm
  • Hob length up to 35 mm

Workpiece spindles

  • Synchronized spindles
  • Speed up to 6’000 rpm
  • Power 1.25 kW
  • Torque 2.4 Nm

Hob spindle

  • Synchronized spindle
  • Speed up to 12’000 rpm
  • Power 1.25 kW
  • Torque 2.4 Nm


Contact person

Nico Meyer
+41 32 356 03 88