Monnier + Zahner AG can look back on more than 65 years of construction of tools and special purpose machines, and we use this experience every day in contact with our customers and partners. Whether you need competent advice, are interested in developing machine designs or special purpose solutions, or would like to test the feasibility of your workpieces – MZ is happy to help you.


Our multilingual sales team has an international slant and will respond to your enquiry quickly and reliably. Whether you’re looking to optimise an existing machine or considering investing in newer technologies and machines, MZ is there for you with help and advice. Our consultancy skills are in the following areas:

  • Validation and development of machine designs
  • Validation and development of machining processes
  • Manufacture and handling of workpieces
  • Cycle time calculations
  • Support with tool design
  • Automation solutions


At Monnier + Zahner, we try to allow for the use of a standard machine solution as the basis for each project. In most cases, customer requirements are diverse, and we therefore plan and implement the machines according to the customer’s specifications. Designs of this kind include:

  • Machine extensions
  • Automation solutions
  • Integration of third-party components

Tests and feasibility

Production data such as cycle times, tool wear data or consumption values for planned products are often difficult to determine in advance. Quality requirements and compliance with standards are also becoming increasingly important issues. We at Monnier + Zahner are happy to help you in these areas with tests and feasibility studies on our test machines.

Contact person

Nico Meyer
+41 32 356 03 88